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Property Management

Property Management

Your real estate property, residential, industrial, commercial or farm, is usually your highest value asset and has the potential to be a significant income earner. Therefore it is very important that it be constantly maintained in good condition to preserve value and in some cases increase value. Your first consideration should be to maintain the property and the second is to utilize it to its highest and best use to maximize its potential. This is where we excel. We take the worry out of the process by leveraging our experience, market knowledge and top class support team to keep your property in the premium state you desire, as well as find suitable tenants who have been extensively investigated. We do a lot in the background; negotiate contracts and leases, pay taxes and insurance, utility bills, perform regular inspections, routine repairs, dispute resolution, liaison with tenants and resolve concerns among other things. You see the month end regular deposits into your account and the comfort of knowing your asset is in good hands. Special terms are negotiable.


Let Our Team Work for You:

Our property management team meets with you to determine your requirements and expectations. You sign the contract and we begin our process of inspecting the property and determining the immediate priorities to get the property into leasable condition and to prevent further deterioration where applicable. A report is then generated which includes a plan to bring the property to optimum maintenance levels over time while capitalizing on income potential. Our costs generally run 20% of leasing income monthly (excluding General Consumption Tax and leasing commissions). All fees are negotiable.

Our Service includes:

 Regular Property Inspections

 Support Services Management To Effect Repairs

 Lease Management, Tenant Screening And Liaison Support

 Rent Collections And Account Deposits

 Regular Account Updates And Property Reports Online

 Negotiate Leases And Contracts

 Paying Taxes, Insurance, Utilities And Other Operating Costs

 Provide Operating Budgets And Account Statements

 24hr Emergency Repair Contact


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