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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why do I need a real estate professional?

We offer the market knowledge, transaction expertise and business professionalism that can enable a smooth transaction and successful close of your sale. There are many intricacies of a sale that you may not be aware, including costs, fees and laws that you might not have taken into account.

 How do I choose a professional?

The first things to look for are years of experience, membership in reputable associations such as the Real Estate Association and up to date license from the Real Estate Board. Our professionals have the market reputation and expertise that you need.

 How can I finance my purchase?

There are many financing options available including a mortgage from the National Housing Trust and Jamaica National Building Society if you qualify. Call us for details on getting prequalified.

 How much is the property worth?

If the property you are looking for is not in our extensive database, then we will search the island in detail to find what you need.The most accurate way to get an idea of the market value of a property is to get an Appraisal of the property. We are on the appraisal board of most of the banks in Jamaica. Call us for more information.

 Have more questions?

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