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We have on hand some of the best and brightest professionals ready to perform work on your behalf. All valuations are conducted with the highest regard for accuracy and integrity. You can rest assured we are licensed and insured, experienced and knowledgeable to produce reports that acurately reflect the market value. Some reports, depending on market evidence availablity, can be delivered in as little as 24hrs, with no compromise in quality.

We are on the approved list of almost all the major banks, Government agencies and other lending institutions on the island including Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited, Jamaica National Building Society, the National Housing Trust among others.


  • We receive a deposit and assignment from the client
  • We verify the client is authorised to commission a valuation on the property and begin assembling the market evidenece
  • We use market evidence and mathematical models to determine opinion of value.
  • The Valuation Report is conveyed to the client on receipt of final payment.


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